Free Fire rewards

Garena Free Fire Max has been released and with that, many legendary and unique items also got launched. To avail of these items, you can buy diamonds in the game and then buy the items using those Free Fire rewards.

But what if I say, you can achieve the new items without any buy?
Yes, in this post I will tell you codes which used online and help gamers to achieve attractive rewards. For this, you have to read this guide completely and then follow the steps.
Let’s get started with our topic Free Fire Rewards.

What are Gareena Free Fire Rewards?

There are many legendary items like skins useable, points, character costumes, etc present in the Free Fire game but which can be only unlocked using diamonds. Even if you try to open boxes in the game you need very high luck to receive any one of these items.
For this, some Garena Free Fire Redeem Codes were developed, having 12 digits with numbers and alphabets.

Free Fire Rewards

With the help of these codes, you get a chance to win amazing items in the game for free!
I will mention some most used and most useful codes for this purpose. But, you have to be very careful while using them online. These codes work on different servers only.
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How to Redeem Free Fire Rewards?

To redeem the codes follow these steps:
  1. Visit the website and sign in with the game account.
  2. Select the code you wanted to use and paste it into the text file.
  3. Once done, visit the game main and receive the reward.
  4. The code will take 24 hours to work completely.
  5. Guest accounts will not work with these codes.

Read this before availing free fire rewards

Not every code mentioned in this post will work for everyone, if an Indian gamer is using a specific code and getting rewarded on an Indian server it is not sure if the same code will work on another server. So you have to make sure of a few points while using the codes.
  • Codes are 12 digits with alphabets and numbers.
  • Rewards from these codes will transfer into Vault Tab.
  • Codes also bring diamonds and other useful currency.
  • There are expiry dates for each code, use them in time.
  • Login with a gamer account and use codes online only.
  • Rewards will get transferred within 24 hours on Vault Tab.

5 Best Redeem Codes for Free Fire Rewards

There are many useful codes to unlock rewards on Free FIRE, which I will discuss in this post in a while. But before the common ones, check the best five codes.
These five best codes for rewards are very useful and have a hundred percent working guarantee.
This cheat can be used on Limited seasons to earn rewards. You can use it while playing on the Singapur server only. Many useful items can be achieved by this.
Other components are highly valued in this game as well!
You will get a TH Championship T-shirt that looks very attractive to gamers’ characters. This T-shirt was released by Garena in Season 3, finals.
I am using this amazing T-shirt and you can also make different costumes with it.
Number 4: BTSQVQC45GEB
The next code to avail of Free Fire Reward for free is listed above. It is also usable only on the Singapore server and will give a very unique reward to the user.
Earlier in March, there was a collaboration between BTS and Free Fire and for that, a dashing Illusion pin was released. It looks very attractive.
You can get this by using the cheat.
This dashing Illusion pin will show on the profile of players, you can set it with the vault section.

Free Fire Rewards

Gamers who like to use skins of equipment like skateboards, must use this cheat and redeem useful rewards on Free Fire. By using this code you can get skins for skateboards, loot boxes, and many other things.
While playing the game your gameplay will look better and unique from other players.
On the Singapore server, get a golden skateboard by using the code.
Skateboards with attractive designs look excellent and unique.
Number 2: FFPL72XC2SWE
Moving towards the second most used and reliable cheat code to redeem rewards in Garena Free Fire, I kept this code in second place because it works on the Indian server also.
This code will give 3X Diamond Royle Vouchers and skin for Fox that will Spirit Fox. Use this code fast and avail the reward.
Number 1: J3ZKQ57Z2P2P
Let’s talk about the best code for getting rewards. The above-listed redeem code works on the Europe server and is currently the best code for the year. By using this code gamers can get rewards like Thunder Electrified Bundle, as a prize.
This is a legendary outfit and very rare to get.
Now, using this code you can easily redeem the outfit for free.
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Redeem codes for free fire rewards

  8. FV5BNJ45IT8U
  9. F4N5K6LYOU9I
  10. FH2GYFDHE34G
  11. F7YGT1BE456Y
  12. FJBHVFS4TY23
  13. F87GYF3DGE6B
  14. SAR4-QFD2-VB3N
  15. 4JRK-TGHO-BI87
  16. V6CT-DRSF-7V3E
  17. FC6X-T5RS-AF7V
  18. F7VX-BH8J-SW76
  19. 76T5-S1FG-BE56
  20. Y98C-7XI6-YTQ4
  21. F7C6-X5TA-RQFD
  22. 2V3B-4NRT-KGIV
  23. YTG4-RT7N-GJ2H
  24. BI87-V6YD-TFW3
  25. VB4N-5M6K-YL7U
  26. FG5W-I876-YTG6
  27. FB4N-56KY-HIV7
  28. C65A-4REQ-7D1F
  29. V2B3-J4RF-IGVS
  30. F0J9-N8B7-V6C5
  31. F4RN-5TMY-KLHJ
  32. ON98-V5BJ-IR8F
  33. 87C6-X5TR-4AED
  34. Q1CV-2G7T-S4ZY
  35. F6KL-YOH9-876H
  36. 5SRW-FDAE-4QE1
  37. F2G3-4TB5-HYT5
  38. W2B3-N4M5-KTLY
  39. OHB9-8V7C-Y3TS
  41. GB4N 56LU OJ98
  42. FDYS TQF1 2I3RF
  43. 87U6 5XRZ ESDF
  44. ERB6 K7UO 9B8V
  45. 76DT EG4B 5N6M
  46. 7ULO 9H87 65SR
  47. F7K8 LPI0 J987
  48. FD6S 54AQ EDF2
  49. GH3U 4RTG 765C
  50. XR8S FG2E HJR5
  51. F7DF 23VB 4N56
  52. YOH8 765S 4AQE
  53. FGH2 J3EO F987
  54. 65TR FVB4 N56K
  55. 7YUJ ON8B 7V6C
  56. 5SEQ DWF3 V4BN
  57. 5TMY KHIB 8V7D
  58. F6O7 UH3O BI1J
  59. GT8Y KU8L IOJ9
  60. H8G7 F6D5 SR4E


This was our guide on free fire rewards and codes to avail them.
Garena Free Fire is a fun game and currently the most downloaded Battle Royal Game all over the world. If you love to play this game and want to achieve legendary items for free then use redeem codes and get attractive rewards within 24 hours.
I hope you have found the guide useful. If yes, then make sure to share your views in the comment section.

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