Do you know Sharmik Card registration is available? The identity card for unorganized workers is becoming increasingly popular in India, but what exactly is it? Here are the benefits of this card and how to apply for one.
Sharmik Card
The benefits of the card are many, but they’re not the only reason to get one.
Listed below are three reasons why unorganized workers should consider getting one.
Moreover, this card can help them keep track of their tax and welfare payments in a more systematic manner.

Unique identification number card

The implementation of a unique identification number (UID) card will make it easier for the poor to access financial services. While this is welcome news, it has some critics.
Some critics question the cost-benefit analysis of the NIPFP, pointing to outdated data and assumptions. Some question the conflict of interest that many government officials have.
Other critics have called for more transparency and accountability on the process of issuing ID cards.
The ministry of labor and employment (MLE) issues the UAN card, also known as Sharmik Card , which is valid throughout the country and is free to use.
The PM Narendra Modi launched the program for the unorganized sector workers.
This card provides various benefits to these workers. Also to free health care, the card is also valid for life and entitles the bearer to accidental insurance cover through the PMSBY. In case of disability, the card holder can receive up to Rs 2 lakh.

Identity cards for unorganized workers

The government’s proposal to issue identification numbers to unorganised workersshelved after criticism for not doing enough for the migrant labour that hit by the Covid-19 lockdown.
But, the new plan will include expanded coverage and will also give unorganised workers the ability to access a variety of services.
The first phase of the new program will be the provision of smart ID cards, seeded with Aadhaar numbers.
The new identity card will contain details about the unorganised worker’s name, skill type, and location. The government will check the implementation of the new system by establishing a National Advisory Board and ensuring that every unorganized worker registered.
The Board will also oversee the record-keeping function at the state and district level.
This will include district administrations in rural and urban areas. The new card will also contain the details of the worker’s nuclear family and extended family.

Benefits of Sharmik Card

The benefits of Sharmik Card  ( श्रमिक कार्ड ) are many. It provides insurance cover up to two lakhs without a premium.
This insurance cover comes in handy if you involved in an accident or are partial disabled.
Furthermore, if you have a labor card, you will automatic become eligible for various schemes and benefits. Thus, you should make sure that you have your e-Shramik card for greatest benefits.
The government is providing benefits for people who earn less than Rs 200,000 annual.
The government is providing these benefits to eligible people under the Shramik Card Scheme. The Shramik Card Scheme covers all states and territories of India and applies to individuals who work in the public sector.
Sharmik Card
Moreover, individuals who have passed administrative service examinations in other states are not eligible for this benefit. RCH nhm gov. in is active online. 
To apply for a Shramik card Online, you should be a citizen of India and at least 18 years old.

How to apply for Sharmik Card ( श्रमिक कार्ड कैसे बनाएं )

If you are a non-organized worker, you may wonder: How do I apply for a Shramik card? ( श्रमिक कार्ड कैसे बनाएं )
This centralised government database tracks unorganised workers and uses the Aadhar infrastructure to create individual skill and educational profiles.
It helps enrolled applicants access various government schemes that provide organised employment in different parts of the country. Besides, the card allows workers to network with other unorganised workers and connect them with employment opportunities.
After creating an account on, you can apply for the card online.
To apply for the card online, you need to have a UAN (Unique Account Number).
If you do not have one, you will need to apply for one offline. You can do this by downloading the PDF or visiting the Aadhar website and submitting your personal details.
Then, you will be able to receive your Sharmik Card in a few days.

The Features of e-Shramik Card Registration

A Shramik card is a centralised database that connects unorganised workers and creates individual skill and educational profiles.
The card entitles enrolled applicants to various government schemes to gain organized employment.
Besides this, it helps the workers network with other unorganised workers from different parts of the country and find employment opportunities. Besides, it gives access to work and other welfare schemes that meant for the unorganised sector.

Unorganised sector workers

The government recently launched a new scheme, e-Shram, for unorganised workers.
Developed on the same infrastructure as Aadhar, it creates individual educational and skill profiles and assists the enrolled applicants through various government schemes.
Unorganised workers can use the new ID cards to secure organized employment and connect with other unorganized workers. The program aims to provide more than 40 crore workers with an identity card.
The e-SHRAM portal allows unorganized workers to register with their e-SHRAM cards and claim benefits under various government schemes.
For example, unorganized workers will be eligible for Accidental Insurance coverage of Rs 2 lakh, along with all other social security benefits.
They will also be able to receive emergency help during national pandemics or natural disasters.
The benefits of e-SHRAM are many.
Sharmik Card


To avail the benefits of this scheme, a worker needs to register with the Contributing Board of Rajasthan. The annual income of his parents must not be more than Rs. 250,000 per annum.
The applicant cannot register under more than one scheme. But, both the spouses can avail the benefits of this scheme.
It is important to note that the man and the woman are equal in the ownership of the voice.
The application form is available online.
The applicant should download and fill it in the right manner. Once completed, the form must submitted to the surety officer or labour office of the nearest division secretary.
The online form must fill in and the required documents should uploaded to the portal. The fee for filling the form is Rs. 20. The fee for changing the UAN card is Rs. 500.

Process for Sharmik Card 

The Shram Card is a government database of unorganised workers.
Using the infrastructure of Aadhar, it creates an individual’s educational and skill profile and helps enrolled applicants access various government schemes.
The card is useful for identifying and connecting unorganised workers, enabling them to secure organised employment. This card is useful for individuals seeking employment in various sectors of the economy.
A Shram Card enables individuals to network with other unorganized workers, providing access to work and better living conditions.
Besides to the benefits of the e-SHRAM card, the card enables the holder to check the balance of their labor cards online.
This card will help them find a job in the future.
The government is using the NDUW Database to plan new policies and create more jobs. To ensure this, aspirants can register for Sharmik Card Online.
But, this process is time-consuming.

Benefits of Sharmik Card 

The Shramik card is a government database of unorganised labourers. It uses the infrastructure of Aadhar to develop individual skill and educational profiles and connect them with various government schemes.
It has enabled the unorganised workers of the country to find organised employment opportunities.
Also to this, it helps the unorganised workers to network with other unorganised labourers and find suitable work.
The benefits of e-Shramik card registration are many.
The e-SHRAM portal launched by the government in August 2021.
It will provide workers with a 12 digit UAN number, which they can use to register for various schemes. The e-Shram card will also contain the following information.
To get an e-Shram card, unorganised labourers should apply for it online or visit a CSC Seva Kendra.

Last Date For E-Shramik Card

The last date for the E-Shramik card is 2022, but before then, read on to find out more about it. What are its benefits?
How can you apply online?
And how can you find out your Payment status?
Then, follow the links below to register for the card. After you register, you can see how to use it in your day-to-day life. After you’ve registered, there are three steps to follow:
Online registration, Payment status, and benefits.

Shramik Card 2022

The government has set 2022 as the final date for the application of the E-Shramik Card.
This new card will issued to daily wage earners of various government offices. It will have a unique Universal Account Number (UAN) and will allow workers to access various social security schemes with it.


The aim of this new system is to improve the employment situation by creating more jobs in the unorganized sector.
To apply for an E-Shramik Card, you must have a registered mobile number linked to your Aadhar card. The other requirements include being at least 16 years old and being above the age of 59.
Once you have a mobile number linked to your Aadhar Card, you can log in to the e-Shram portal and apply for an account. You will then need to enter your mobile number and enter a captcha code to confirm your registration.
The system will then send you an OTP. If you have a registered mobile number, you should verify this OTP by entering the code that is displayed on your phone.
Once you’ve entered the code and entered your details correctly, you’ll be able to complete the registration process.

Online registration for Sharmik Card 

Unorganized workers in India can apply for e-Shramik cards through a portal called eSHRAM.
They must be aged 16 to 59 years. The aim of this portal is to protect worker interests, promote welfare, and provide social security.
With the help of the eShram portal, an official national database will be created with workers’ names, addresses, education, skill type, and other relevant information.
The government will then provide these workers with the benefits of social security schemes based on their qualifications, skill sets, and employability.
Candidates can self-register for the e-Shramik card by entering their mobile number linked with their Aadhar cards.
Once registered, they will be able to access all the government schemes that they are eligible to take part in.
The information they provide will be categorized according to their occupation, skill type, and family details.
Interested candidates should review the following information carefully to ensure that their details are correct and current.


How to check E-Shramik Card payment status? You can use online payment portals to find your card’s payment status.
There are two kinds of E-Shramik card schemes: ii-shrm kaardd skiim and rehdd’ii-pttrii vaale.
Also, you can check the payment status of your credit card by entering the account number and password.
You can also check the payment status of your PM Kisan Yojana by visiting the website of the government. This is a convenient way to keep tabs on the amount you owe.
If your balance is more than this, you can make a payment through a credit card.
Otherwise, you can use a debit card. To check the E-Shramik Card payment status, log into the account online. Also, read about Meri Fasal Mera Byora Registration

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